To what extent are Rob and Wally’s skills transferred onto the wider team?

“Rob and Wally have a significant amount of industry experience which we think is quite valuable for the rest of the team given that they are quite junior, however we are not sure to what extent these skills are transferred onto the wider team. We would like to understand what effort is invested in promoting a team culture and upskilling the junior team members to enable them to make a more valuable contribution to the team?”

The process by which junior team members are chosen is extremely stringent, to make sure that only top quality candidates are selected. This gives a Rezco a very big advantage as the learning process is shortened a lot by having young team members who are able to learn quicker and absorb the process faster than the average candidate.

The interaction between the younger members of the team and Rob and Wally is highly encouraged and occurs on a daily basis. In every task assigned to the team Rob and Wally would give a proper explanation of their reasoning behind their thinking. The team is also encouraged to state their view of the situation especially when they do not agree with the view. This normally leads to a discussion. This gives the team members a lot of time to interact and reason with Rob and Wally which ultimately gives them insight into Rob and Wally’s reasoning as well as the expertise upon which they based their decisions. Apart from the considerable amount of time that the team interacts with each other, Rob regularly recommends certain books that contain valuable information about all aspects around his thinking as well as information about market experience and market thinking. The team members are encouraged to skill up on any area that they think will give them an advantage in the industry or a skill that they feel they have a shortcoming in. This is sometimes done through online courses ( The junior members also have access to exactly the same information as Rob and Wally and encouraged to bring forth investment ideas or theories that they have to get Rob or Wally’s opinion on it. Rezco operates an open door policy and junior team members are welcome to chat Rob or Wally at any time with questions that they have. This is not only highly encouraged but part of the culture in all areas of the business.