Socially Responsible Investing

Our investment strategy aims to combine financial returns with social good.” Wally Gray, Executive Chairman and Co-Portfolio Manager

In summary:

  • We do not invest in micro lenders, or companies that are involved in gambling, gaming or cigarettes. We are a leader in offering no initial fees as our clients begin their investment with us.
  • We were a leader in charging zero initial fees.
  • We became signatories to the Code of Responsible Investing in South Africa (CRISA), which is a voluntary undertaking, in 2014. We endorse the CRISA code of conduct, which gives guidance on promoting sound governance.
  • The Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) approach is being gradually implemented in South Africa’s regulatory framework by the Financial Services Board. TCF, which is core to Rezco’s business philosophy, is a regulatory approach which tries to make sure that financial institutions deliver specific, clearly articulated fairness outcomes to their customers.
  • We allocate 20% of all profits towards social development.

The table below outlines a few of the organisations we have supported:

Organisation Services
Bethany House Focussed on critical care projects vital to the children and youth of South Africa. more info
Farming God’s Way Provides training into sites serving villages, NGOs, prisons, churches, mission organisations, farmer groups, university and agricultural schools. more info
Siya Sebenza Equip and empower people with employability and the entrepreneurial skills needed to support themselves and their families. more info
Victory 4All Reaching out to children and their families in need. more info