Succession plans

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There are currently no plans for any of our portfolio managers to retire in the next 5 years

Rezco’s culture is one of “Enabling, Empowering and Goal Exceeding” in all parts of the business. Specifically, in the investment side of the business, this culture enables and empowers people to grow significantly in depth, breadth, quality, capability and experience. Three of our analysts were promoted to the role of Assistant Portfolio Manager during 2016. This deliberate growth in capability is a significant strength in the management capability of the Portfolios at Rezco. As a result of the interaction and involvement of Rob Spanjaard and Wally Gray with the assistant portfolio managers and the analysts of the investment team, it fosters an environment in which members gain specific knowledge of the Rezco style, philosophy & process, and feel valued and supported. This ultimately ensures that we retain capable employees.

Key to our succession planning is role duplication. Given that we are a fairly small team, it simplifies the transfer of knowledge. We have also been implementing a fair amount of automation and integrations which reduce the impact of any key individuals leaving.

We also take the approach to outsource any elements of our business which are not core to our business.

Processes and procedures are properly documented.

FAQs: To what extent are Rob and Wally’s skills transferred onto the wider team?