Environment & Culture

- Our Business, Our Team -

A key objective here is to have a balanced life. The team’s involvement with REZCO Asset Management is not seen as a day job, but rather part of a lifestyle where individuals could excel in areas they are passionate about and at the same time manage a balanced lifestyle which will facilitate clear and innovative thinking.  Some of the interests outside of their working environment including mountain biking, triathlons, team sports, music and church involvement.

An environment that facilitates clear and innovative thinking

Our offices were designed in-house with help from designer and craftsman David Krynauw. The intention behind the design was to create an environment that facilitates clear and innovative thinking in a relaxed but high performance environment.

The physical office environment is open plan to encourage discussion, interaction and the sharing of ideas and thoughts although there are spaces where one can go in order to have quiet thought and concentration. There is also an understanding that the investment team should at all times be free of distraction and therefore serious thought and consideration is given to create as comfortable an environment as possible for the investment team as possible.
The working environment of the investment team is very interactive and encourages intellectual debate, individual ideas and constant re-evaluation of past decisions.

The physical and team environment of the office all encourage and stimulate free and creative thinking that in turn generate good investment decision making.


Ethos of our business

The ethos of the business is one of loyalty to our clients and we would like to be viewed by the public and our peers as strong competitors and market leaders in the game of protecting and growing our clients’ wealth.